We. Are. Reactive.

Reactibility is a New York based consultancy specializing in reactive architectures as per the Reactive Manifesto. We are a team of craftspeople who have made Reactive software solutions our life's work.

We were early adopters of the Typesafe stack and have years of experience delivering distributed, modular, and secure reactive applications. Let us help you build a reactive solution that delivers incredible performance, scalability, and fault tolerance like never before.

We are also incubators of open source and actively contribute within the open source community. Look for our Manning MEAP book, Building Reactive Applications, coming this summer.


Our solutions are completely event driven, allowing atomicity of services and the ability to react to events.


Failure occurs no matter how we try to prevent it, especially in distributed environments. Our software embraces failure as a naturally occurring phenomena and react to failure by self-healing, and because of the atomicity design, one bad apple remains just a single bad apple. The application at large remains uneffected and reactive.


Scalability is the cornerstone of our software methodology and we don't just use up expensive resources to get it done, we react to volume. Our reactive solutions scale both up and down according to demand, saving you money


Responsive systems react to users. No matter how hard the applications are working the user experience is always super performant at all times.

Our Services

Software Development

We apply all that we have learned and build reactive applications at your site or remotely. We actively train and mentor your staff as part of every engagement. Each reactive consultant on your engagement does work in full accordance with our core philosophies and is supported by our senior architects to maintain consistency across all engagements.

Executive Primer

Being reactive requires a paradigm shift and sometimes change can be daunting. We can present to senior members within your organization in order to foster the adoption of the reactive manifesto for a reasonable, one time fee.


We have presented at Qcon, Scala Days, and other events and have garnered many interested parties with the tale of our becoming reactive and the difficulties we used to face but face no longer. We can tailor a presentation to your needs and present in the venue of your choice, also for a one time fee.

Reactive UIs

We develop UIs to materialize reactive backend data using the latest UI toolsets with highly customizable and beautiful widgets available. Our UIs are designed to communicate restfully to any and all of your reactive backends to create mashups and displays of all kinds.

Reactibility reacts with:

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